The Dimension of GodBy creation's design, is a mechanism placed within us all that allows the veil of separation to be lifted, our Human Mask1, so that we may see beyond the physical realm into the dimension of God and thus experience his2 essence.  At the moment we experience the presence of his pure energy, which we feel as unconditional love, we are transformed, having only thoughts that originate from purity.


That mechanism is our conscious ability to elevate the pure desire within our heart to see God and thus seek his face (essence). This is it, the most simple of all spiritual paths and also the reason it is hidden in plain sight. 


It does not matter what our state of mind or life is in when we begin, what matters is cultivating a true desire to be with God, similar to what we might feel as if wanting to see a loved one who has recently passed.  Then, this desire will either intensify or fade away.  If it fades, we may have enjoyed the time but not the fullness of what could be.  If it continues to intensify and is sustained for weeks, then God shows up, removing the veil and we are immersed in his being. 


The rest of this website is simply elaborating on this secret and telling some of my life's experiences with it.


What I speak of is this, while fully conscious and awake, another dimension opens up and integrates with the physical dimension and direct communication of the knowledge of God to the soul begins while retaining a rational state of mind and being completely cognisant of and able to interact with people and our physical surroundings.  To clarify, I'm not speaking of heightened emotional states, visions, dreams, states of religious elation, deep meditative states or the like, I've also experienced these and while wonderful, they are fundamentally different in their nature.  These other states are also touching a level of experience with the source.  I speak of beyond these states, into a realm that has it's seat within the dimension of God, a realm that most of humanity believes it is not possible to cross into, except upon death.


Imagine a dimension superimposed like a hologram right on top of your physical realm, where the air is like the energy of God filling everything, giving existence to all you know, including yourself.  You become aware that your entire being is flooded with this energy and that you are experiencing it as an unconditional love and peace that transcends anything you've ever known, carrying with it the knowledge of the being who's life force permeates all things.


For a time, our experiences may be all about being flooded with the unconditional love pouring into our beings, because this is so wonderful, we can feel as if we've arrived, gained enlightenment, reached Nirvana, are filled with the Holy Spirit... (choose your flavor).  We must continue to seek beyond this phase by continuing to seek the face of God, his essence.  If we continue having these experiences, they will mature over the years into more of a conscious interaction with the divine and as we become less enamored with the elation of our own vibration, a deep rooted purification process will begin that surpasses simple behavior modification.  At this point, we will experience truly seeing ourselves from outside the confines of our humanity.  Without this, we cannot know true existence, we will always hold our humanity as first and foremost, even if we consider ourselves to be very spiritual.  We must see from beyond ourselves, we must see from the spirit, the non-physical, from the perspective of the dimension of God.  We must not only see ourselves, but we must begin to see our creator in his true form.  This, of course, is the truest of experiences.


In between these experiences, we live our humanity, always wanting to return, yet seemingly not able to do so by our command, this can cause great frustration.  It is because, the desire to see God again is suppose to be strong enough to cause us to want to purify anything in our lives that hinders.  When we've taken our next steps in purification and the desire to seek wells up in us again, the dimension can reopen.


This is not for the faint of heart, for when we choose to seek with all your hearts, everything in our human minds will rise up against us in such ways to distract, disbelieve and dispel the notion that it will work.  Seek anything else but the face of God will be the goal of our own masks.  We will battle ourselves in many ways, yet the most subtle are the most cunning, to simply not seek, for any reason.  Anything to simply get us to stop seeking, it won't matter what it is.  Here is where we take heart, gird up our loins (very rarely get to use that in a sentence) and use our conscious ability to elevate the love of source in our hearts, doing whatever it takes and letting the tears flow.  I've always had tears right before God showed up and was almost always at the end of myself.


Maybe not within the first few experiences, but when ready, there will be one where the Source appears and we see the falseness of our Human Mask1 as our entire life passes before us while the truth of existence is revealed, that everything is God.  That nothing exists outside of God, that we are eternal spirit beings formed from his energy.  That our humanity is but a mist, a false existence designed for the human experience.  When this first happened to me, I felt unraveled as a human being and said out loud with tears "I am undone" and cried with long winded sighs for 10-15 minutes while five other men were around me (see my 2005 experience).  But then, the most incredible thing happens, everything false is wiped away, leaving only the constant flow of energy (love) from God.  Our awareness is expanded and then we are slowly returned to face and purify our own false perceptions in our mask.  Yet, for a time afterward, there is no or very little mask, so only thoughts that originate in love and purity exist.  For me this after state lasts only a short time anywhere from 3 to 12 months, yet after each experience, my mask has been gradually stripped away over the years.


Now, quiet the mind for a moment and consider very carefully what I am about to say, for if it is our heart's desire to experience God's essence, then this is the mechanism to open the dimension no matter our current life's situations or religious/spiritual pursuits:

  • When our genuine desire to experience the essence of God becomes an all consuming passion and focus, causing us to seek the source all day for a long enough period of time (for me usually two weeks), then the veil of separation, the Human Mask1, is temporarily removed.
  • In that moment, the dimension of God is opened and we are flooded with the energy of love that carries with it the experience of the presence of God.


The key to opening the dimension is our deep, unrelenting desire to see and experience our creator just like a child desires to be with his father.  But, the false perception of the Human Mask1 is that such a thing is not attainable, or only by a select few.  Therefore, most the world seeks "The Path" to God rather than the source itself.  We earnestly seek the teachings, the traditions, the disciplines, the commands, the lifestyle of being a disciple of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad... We seek meditation practices, self-improvement, psychological practices, scientific practices...  We seek the promised benefits such as enlightenment, to be right with God, the hope of heaven and eternal life, to be "saved" from hell, to be in alignment with the universe, to be at peace, financial prosperity, holistically harmonious and healthy in body mind spirit, to be a loving and giving human being of great service to mankind and so on...  Theses are all wonderful pursuits with many benefits and can be continued while seeking the source itself, yet be very clear, there is a fundamental difference between "seeking the source" and "seeking a path to the source".


One may ask many questions of how this fits within their current beliefs or faith.  Seeking the source can be applied without conflict within any faith, religion, belief system or scientific system because it supersedes everything we hold in our human minds, it comes from the heart.  It can be shown to merge perfectly and not be in conflict with any of these teachings because it does come from the heart.  In fact, most religious text hold "desiring to seek God" as the highest of spiritual conditions a human can have, yet most of us translate that to be obedience with following a set of commands and focus on behavior modification rather than being able to experience a direct connect with the source.  Once we do experience the dimension of God for ourselves, we are able to see how rudimentary our perception of these texts really are and realize that the way we perceive some of our belief systems we hold onto so dearly, no longer matter because now we have experienced.


Another may ask, how this fits into my daily life, I would have to go live in a monastery with no responsibilities in order to focus.  Well, all I can say is this, every time I've consciously pursued to connect with God, it was always in the middle of raising a family, running a business, involved with church or other spiritual type communities, paying bills and dealing with an everyday modern American life and responsibilities.  I'm just a regular guy, nothing special about me nor was I ever able to run off to a mountain top or a monastery to focus on seeking, even though I wanted to at times.  No, I had to seek right were I was and it proved that every time I was able sustain the passionate seeking for at least two weeks, the dimension always opened and God always showed up.  I tell my experience so that you may think that if he can do it, maybe I can too.  Imagine, what if my words are true or even the faintest of possibilities?  Would you seek, would you try?  Are you here in this life to truly find God?  If so, you now know how.


So that's it, the entire program (so to speak).  There is nothing more to believe, nothing to join, nobody to follow, no leader, no guru... There is only God and your own heart's desire to return to the Source, to see and experience his essence.  The rest is between you and him and will simply unfold for you. 


If you have an interest in seeking this level of connection with God and you would like someone to talk with, please feel free to contact me, although it is not necessary for your own experience.  I never had anyone to truly discuss this with but it sure would have been great.





1. The Human Mask (my words/term) - A wonderful condition (neither positive or negative) placed upon all humans at birth and removed at death with one primary purpose; a veil of separation that blocks our awareness from experiencing the true nature of existence; "everything IS the energy of God".  This includes the true form of the incarnated physical human being, a spirit of light created in the energy and likeness of God, carrying the purpose of experiencing life until we consciously desire to become one again with our creator.  The Human Mask gives us the ability to experience our dense human life until we find the emptiness of this illusion and begin desiring to seek beyond the physical.  This usually leads to religious/spiritual practices which is what I would call "The Path".  In hopes of a reward for living by certain precepts, many end up experiencing a richer human life but still retain an inner emptiness even in spite of wonderful experiences, because without our realizing it, the path is still a part of the illusion of the mask.  Even though we may get glimpses through wonderful spiritual experiences or be filled with the wonderful things in our lives, we can still be looking through the eyes of the mask.  When we intensely desire to experience the very essence of God with all our heart, we resonate with his heart's desire which is to simply "be" with us in our true spirit form, which is his energy of light and love.  When our desire resonates with his, the veil is lifted and the mask is temporarily removed, the dimension of God opens and we experience our oneness with him, that already exists.  Yet like a child wanting to be in the arms of a mother, so sweet is the purity of that desire, this is how we become like little children, this is how we open the door to God.


2. Gender - Don't get hung up with gender when referring to God.  As humans, we are incapable of defining him anyway.